The Team



Mr. Snow, a New York attorney and MBA, has an enviable record of taking Internet marketing to the next level. As founder of, he helped expand world wide Internet usage by promoting technology that allows the utilization of Non-Roman scripts in the Internet Domain Naming System. (DNS)

Prior to that development, a majority of the world's population was unable to create domain names in their own native script... the script of their target markets. Now, millions of Internet users worldwide are able to communicate in Cyrillic, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and many other Non-Roman languages, impacting millions of Internet users.

As founder of Telegacy, Inc., Snow and his firm creates memorable toll-free vanity numbers in combination with Internet addresses to greatly enhance marketing efforts and advertising ROI. His success in this field resulted in the formation of, the unrivaled leader in Spanish language business domain names.

With the rapid, ongoing growth of Spanish language Internet usage, Mr. Snow and is poised to achieve market dominance in this vibrant, under served field.


Business Development

Mr. Mindling brings a diverse background of business experience to

As a principal in JLM Licensing, he provided exclusive licensing and merchandising services to Paramount Pictures for all of their motion picture and television production.

He has also owned and operated a wholesale tour and travel company offering student and adult tours to Europe and Canada, which additionally provided concert tour arrangements for rock music groups and individual performers.

In the field of real estate development, Mr. Mindling has been involved in commercial and residential real estate projects in New York, Colorado and Georgia.

As a long standing member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, he served on committees which assisted in the successful listing of the company (NMX) on the New York Stock Exchange in the fall of 2006.

Mr. Mindling’s ability to create and implement innovative business ideas brings a valuable addition to the team.


Hispanic Marketing

Mr. Gonzalez has been active in Spanish language marketing for over 20 years and was among the first to realize its almost unlimited potential. As president of Ahorre Marketing, he has provided various companies Hispanic marketing services with an emphasis on Internet marketing and promotion. He launched the United State's first Latino Market phone card portal.

He has been cited for leading entry level companies into the Spanish language arena and helping them establish "user-friendly" support levels. Mr. Gonzalez brings a wealth of diversified experience and understanding that will expedite and promote the establishment of web sites in all areas