The Plan

Our business plan combines the following key elements:

  • Internet and Telephone marketing: Channels Integration.
  • Spanish language, high recall, mnemonic brand vertical: A family of brands designed to generate a "US Latinos" core identity and following.
  • Profit Center Diversity:
    • Structural: Multi-Industry structure (Travel, Finance, Health, etc.)
    • Strategic: Multi-Model revenues strategy:
      • Sales model: Private label sales- Independent or Joint Venture.
      • Advertising model: Keyword topic and traffic-informational sites.
      • Lease/Fees model: Geo-targeted partners and Toll-Free shared use.
  • Cost Structure Advantages:
    • Declining telephony and IT costs.
    • Latin American based Spanish call center and IT personal.
    • Promotion: Latino media's lower costs per impression.
    • Market Concentration: 70% of the market is in 10 DMAs.
  • Site linking and brand crossovers: Maximizing the technical and marketing advantages.
  • Web and Blog integration: Powering hundreds of sites via integrated RSS feeds- creating a traffic generating symbiosis.
  • Search Engine Keywords Positioning: Maximizing our keywords rich, generic domains portfolio for Search Engine Marketing and Optimization advantages.
  • Latino market space dominance: Comprehensive Internet & Telephony Spanish vertical.