The Market

US Latinos spending power is over $800 Billion Dollars annually and will top One Trillion Dollars by the end of this decade. By 2009, more than 1 in 6 US residents, 50 million people, will be of Hispanic origin.

The growth of Latino Internet usage is even more dramatic... over 20 million US Latinos are now using the Internet, making it the fastest growing segment in Internet usage. Combine this with a high per capita Internet buying power and you have the most underserved, proven market in Internet history.

Because has coupled industry leading Spanish language domains with matching Toll-Free telephone numbers, the combined growth potential is destined for history making plateaus. The ability to accept incoming toll-free phone calls from the entire country of Mexico has added multi-millions more potential users who can now order in their native language.

Perhaps the strongest barometer of the emergence of the Spanish speaking market is the snowballing involvement of blue chip investment and private equity firms. These include J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank One, Wells Citigroup, The Carlyle Group, Vestar Capital Partners and numerous others.

Ramirez & Co., a respected investment bank and research house, says it best: "The Spanish language consumer base is very big, very loyal and growing at a faster rate than all other consumer markets."