March 12, 2005

What is a Blog?

I have been getting emails relevant to what is a blog?.

Remember a diary? Well, since the mid 90's many paper diaries went online and people creted "Web Logs", online journals. The short term for web log is "blog" Its popularity has gain attention from the individual level to the corporate level for several reasons.

Internet - The popularity and increased interest levels are driven by the internet. When comparing the internet versus other forms of media, it is the only format that allows for a back and forth dialogue. Newspapers, radio or television don't allow a back and forth of information (instant feedback). The internet is the only vehicle which can be utilized to create a relationship with your readers, consumers or potential customers. Corporate America sees this marketing opportunity to "Soft Sell".

Search Engines - The bottom line to this craze is due to how "Searh Engine" friendly blogs are. That explains the growth mode and transition from personal blogs to business blogs. CBS Market Watch had a TV segment which reports that there are almost 3 million blogs today, but that figure can easily reach 10 million by the end of 2004.

Online Marketing - Why is a blog a becoming an Internet Marketing tool? If you currently market via the internet, you have heard of Search Engine Marketing, Paid Listing and Pay Per Click. Search engine marketing known as SEM is costly. You basically are paying to get listed on a directory, paying for a position within a directory or search engine (Google, Yahoo or MSN).

As you can see from this blog, blogs are updated with entries several times per day. The fresh content is what makes search engines like Google visit blogs with a higher level of frequency. Your average web site gets updated by search engines every 30 days. Blogs fresh content triggers the search engine to visit you frequently and as a result of this, your site gets indexed across all the topics and subjects you cover.

Your web site typically doesn't change from day to day and is very focused to its objective. By adding a blog to your web site you instantly create a new channel that allows you or employees to directly or indirectly communicate with the outside world. Why is this important? Most consumers by products and services from companies they feel comfortable with or are familiar with.

A blog software has the capability to send out emails to your readers, customers or internal groups. This self publication mechanism known as blogs are gaining attention at all levels, mainly as a Business Blog that "Soft Sells".

As mentioned earlier, the blog allows you to cover a wider spectrum of issues or topics that revolves around your companies business. A blog with frequent visits from search engines like Google updates and indexes all subjects you write or comment on. Your search engine listings will have more terms and keywords which will greatly enhance your visibility due to its presence via searches via these search engines.

In Addition, you must understand the power of RSS "Real Simple Syndication" and Atom. Visit our What is RSS? page.

By Geoffrey Gonzalez

Latinos at March 12, 2005 04:00 PM