March 12, 2005

Local Search Seen Hurting Local Media

The study, by The Neil Budde Group and the Advanced Interactive Media Group, reports some newspapers may be forced to drop from daily to less frequent publication and that print margins are likely to erode as advertising migrates online and advertisers choose pay-for-performance and self-service ads.

“For local publishers, which are already fighting the ‘new monsters’ eating away at classified advertising, this may be a far greater challenge than the first Internet wave,” said Neil F. Budde, one of the report’s authors. “Well-funded competitors like Yahoo and Google are only starting to target the local market, so local media still have time to respond.” Local Search

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February 18, 2005

Hispanic Print Will Grow the Fastest in 2005

Growth expected to outpace Hispanic broadcast media and almost double mainstream media in general, according to Advertising Age Magazine

HISPANIC PR WIRE - One of the most reputable sources on the advertising and media industry in the country, Ad Age Magazine, announced that Hispanic Print Media will grow the fastest in the next year, reaching a 12% increase, outpacing Hispanic broadcast media. This growth will help generate a whopping $3.5 billion in total revenues for the Hispanic market.

Hispanic Media as whole is expected to grow 11% in 2005, outpacing mainstream media by as much as 4%, according to Ad Age.

Included in the billion-dollar growth, Hispanic Print is expected to increase by 12% in 2005, after already showing steady gains in 2004 with multiple new Spanish-language publication launches all across the United States.

Next month, the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc. (NAHP, Inc.), whose members include Hispanic publishers and editors from over 150 publications nationwide, will be holding its 2005 National Convention from March 9 through March 12 at the Loews Hotel located in Philadelphia's Center City downtown district. The NAHP will present various opportunities for the public to learn more about this viable and thriving market.

The 2005 NAHP, Inc. Convention is expected to draw the largest number of Hispanic print professionals to meet with various members of the public and private sectors from community leaders to government officials, over the course of three days of workshops and networking opportunities.

For more information on the NAHP, Inc. 2005 National Convention, including registration information and deadlines, visit the association’s web site at or you may contact Joe Carrillo, Chief Operations Officer, at or at 202-662-7430. About the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc The National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc., (NAHP, Inc) is the largest organization representing Hispanic publications at the national level. NAHP Inc. works with more than 200 member and affiliated publications that share a combined circulation of more than 10 million. Its member publications reach more than 50 percent of Hispanic households in 55 U.S. markets, every week. NAHP, Inc. provides professional tools to assist Hispanic publications to more effectively reach their readership. NAHP Inc. works hard at keeping the Hispanic community informed and educated about social issues, updating its readers about member publications, providing technical assistance and improving the quality of Hispanic publications at the national level. Please, visit our website for more information: or call 202-662-7250.

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