March 12, 2005

Southwest Airlines - Online in Spanish

Southwest Airlines launched its Spanish booking engine available at where Customers can make their flight reservations entirely in Spanish on the Internet. With the online booking tool, travelers can take advantage of Southwest’s low air fares and frequent flights en español (in Spanish).

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July 12, 2004

Hispanic Internet - Rapidly Embracing the Internet

April 14, 2004--America Online U.S. Hispanics are relatively new to the Internet yet they recognize the value it brings to their family and are quickly making its tools and features part of their daily lives. In addition, Hispanics are outpacing the general online market in their use of some of the most advanced features of the Internet according to the second annual America Online(R)/RoperASW U.S. Hispanic Cyberstudy.

According to the survey, which was conducted among at-home Internet users, 20% of these Hispanics have been online at home less than six months, compared with just 6% of the general at-home online population. Forty-two percent of Hispanic online consumers have had an Internet connection at home for less than two years, compared with just 15% of the general at home online population.

Nevertheless, online Hispanic consumers have quickly made the Internet part of their everyday lives, and are outpacing the rest of the at-home online population when it comes to using some of the Internet's more cutting edge features, the survey results show. For example, they use the Internet far more frequently than the general online population to listen to music (54% vs. 30% do so regularly or occasionally), buy a car (6% vs. 2% bought online in the past three years), and communicate via instant messaging (64% vs. 48% do so regularly or occasionally). And Hispanic online consumers have rapidly adopted advanced wireless features into their lives. For example, a third of online Hispanic cell phone users (34%) use cell phones for instant messaging, compared with just 9% of those in the general online population.

"With 14 million Hispanics online today, our second annual survey reveals this community is showing a real passion for the power and reach of the Internet and understanding how it can empower Latinos that are getting connected," said Peter Blacker, Vice President International & US Hispanic, AOL(R) Business Solutions. "AOL has made a real commitment to better serving online Hispanic consumers by launching the AOL(R) Latino service last year and giving advertisers a better platform to reaching them." Hispanic Internet

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